The high quality Codeline pressure vessels are used for reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration processes. They are built to maximize the performance of water treatment and purification systems. The vessels are used in industrial, commercial and municipal water treatment applications across the world. Our extensive pressure vessel portfolio guarantees the right specification for each application. 


The pressure vessels are widely used for diverse water applications, from industrial water treatment to wastewater treatment, from sea water reverse osmosis to water treatment processes in the Oil & Gas sector.


  • FRP Pressure Vessel is the membrane housing made in FRP material, including 8″, 4″ 2.5″ series, available as End port and side port

  • Popular used in Electron, Electrick Power, Mettalurgy, Chemical, Food and drinking water

  • Desailnation, Waste water treatment and so on 

  • Available pressure : 300 PSI, 450 PSI, 600 PSI, 800 PSI, 1000PSI, and 1200 PSI

  • Applicable to most standard membranes such as DOW Hydranautic, Filmtec, GE Osmonics, CSM, Toray, INGE, Lewabrane.